Q1¡¢What is an inverter ?

A1¡¢Power inverter is an electronic device that convert DC(Diret Current)battery power to standard 

       AC(Alternating Current)power.DC is the power that is produced ba battery while AC is the standard 

       power needed to run electrical equipment.A power inverter does the opposite of a rectifier and is 

       used in places and situations where AC power is not available.

Q2¡¢When did our company established?

A2¡¢We are  manufactory in China about 5 years specialized in designing and  marketing high frequency 

        off-grid power inverter and battery charger establised in 2011.

Q3¡¢What is kind of our inverter ?

A3¡¢Single phase,off-grid and high frequency power inverter.

Q4¡¢What is the purpose of the inverter?

A4¡¢office equipment,household appliances,outdoortravel, entertainment and solar system. 

Q5¡¢What are inverter products that we produce?

A5¡¢Pure sine wave inverter 

        Pure sine wave inverter with charger

        Pure sine wave inverter/battery charegr /solar charegr£¨3 in 1£©

        Modified sine wave inverter

        Modified sine wave inererter with charegr

        Battery charger

Q6¡¢What are advantages of pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverter?

A6¡¢We adopt new and imported for important inner components like IGBT and MOSFET.Saving energy ;

        environmental protection;100% security;built-out fuse;portable for your life.

        Pure sine wave inverter are ideally suited for any electrical systerms.

        Modified sine wave inverter are more economical that pure sine wave inverter.

Q7¡¢What are the accessories including?

A7¡¢split line,safety lever,directions.

Q8¡¢How about the delivery time?

A8¡¢5 days for sample,25 days for bulk order.

Q9¡¢What is the warranty of inverter?

A9¡¢Eighteen monthes warranty.

Q10¡¢What's the difference between inverter and solar inverter?

A10¡¢Inverter is only accept AC input, but solar inverter not only accept AC input but also can connect 

          with solar panel to accept PV input, it's more save power.